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FAQ about Dallas, TX Apartment Locator Service

Q. How Can A OK Apartment Locators Move Me?

From our commission, we pay the movers so that we can provide you with help in moving.

Q. What Do I Need To Do To Get A Moving Assistance?

First, you must register on our web site or contact a leasing agent via the telephone. We then search our database and provide you with your own customized one-of-a- kind apartment search list. Then, visit the apartments and list A OK Apartments as your apartment referrer locator on your guest card, lease application and lease. Once you’ve selected your new apartment, contact us immediately so we can get your move scheduled.

Q. Can I Schedule My Move Online?

Sure. Just complete and submit the Move It Free Registration Form. The moving company will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your move. If you have any concerns or questions, contact your A OK Apartment locator at 972.818.5678 or 1.800.801.1060.

Q. Can I Get help moving In Addition To A Move-In Special?

Absolutely. If the apartment complex you’re moving to has provided you with a move-in special, it will not affect you move assistance in any way.

Q. I Don't Need A Hand To Move? What Else Can You Do For Me?

If you don't need help, you can qualify for a Cash Rebate. Just register online for the rebate or contact an A OK Apartment locator directly at 972.818.5678 or 1.800.801.1060.

How To Qualify For A Moving Assistance.

To qualify for a helping hand to move to your new apartment, rent must be at least $725 a month for a one bedroom and $1000 a month for a two bedroom. The property must be paying us at least a 50% commission
Dallas 972-818-3456
Fort Worth 817-794-0991
Toll Free 1-800-801-1060

Our Hours of Operation
Mon - Fri: 8am to 9pm
Sat: 9am to 9pm
Sun: 9am to 9pm

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How Our Free Apartment Locator Service Works

  1. Call Us at 972.818.3456 or complete the registration form above.
  2. Review your very own customized Dallas property list and visit your favorites. When visiting, list A OK Apartment Locators as your referrer/locator on your guest card, application and lease.
  3. After selecting your new apartment, contact us to let us know your search is complete.
  4. Schedule your move or complete the cash rebate form.