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It's true that the only rival to the restaurant hub are the arts themselves. The urban Arts District in downtown Dallas covers an area of 17 blocks, making it the largest in the nation. Dallas is undergoing an exciting revival and you can immerse yourself in it all if you move to this vibrant area. Downtown Dallas apartments means access to a heady range of artistic venues, theatres, museums and much more. Another part of the vibe is the restaurants that cater for all budgets and taste. These, along with a host of shopping venues and boutiques, means that downtown Dallas apartments are on par with those in NYC. Apartments themselves are hip, eclectic or anywhere in between. Some existing buildings are being extensively renovated while the building of brand new luxury downtown Dallas Texas apartments is also taking place. Those on a tight budget can find a cheaper downtown Dallas apartment to suit them perfectly.

A river does run through it

Trinity River it being brought to its original course and apartment dwellers will have a view of the picturesque lakes that border downtown Dallas. This melding of serene lakes with the exciting business sector makes downtown Dallas apartments the best choice for revitalizing the mind and encouraging focused growth. Dallas population levels have risen by five fold and there is still abundant space and apartment options for many more.

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